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Written By Tania Walker

Updated at October 24th, 2022


This article will step you through the process of adding components - like cards, boards, playmats, dice and more - to your project in Launch Lab. Watch the short video tutorial below, or read on.

Adding a component 

First, log in to Launch Lab at

This will take you to the Projects screen, where you can see a list of any projects you have in progress. If you don't already have one, you will need to create a Project first, in order to add components.

A screenshot of the My Projects screen in Launch Lab.

Click on your project to open it. This will take you to the Component list

Component list

If you have already added components, you'll be able to see them on this screen. 

A screenshot of the component list for a project

Click the Add a component button. 

This will take you to the Select a component screen. Here, you'll see an overview of all the component types Launch Lab has available, with preview images.

Click on the component type you'd like to add.

A screenshot of the components to choose from after clicking Add a Component

Component types

Launch Lab offers a wide variety of quality components with a range of customisation options. 

Components currently available include:


  • Game box (square / rectangular | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Tuckbox (bridge / poker / tarot | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Deck box (bridge / poker / tarot | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Mint tin (no print / top print / bottom print / both)


  • Cards ( mini Euro / mini American / bridge / poker / tarot / sml square / med square / lrg square | linen / smooth)

Rulebooks and rulesheets

  • Rulebook (various sizes | square / rectangular | various page counts)
  • Rulesheet (bridge / poker / tarot)

Mats, boards, and punchboards

  • Game board (1-sided / 2-sided | square / rectangular | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Punchboard tokens (various sizes | various shapes | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Player mat (small / medium | 250gsm / 350gsm)
  • Player screen (small / large | 1-sided / 2-sided | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)


  • Dry-erase board (square / rectangular)
  • Dry-erase marker 
  • Score pad (square / rectangular)
  • Game pencil 

Plastic and wooden components

  • Dice (d4 / d6 / d8 / d10 / d12 / d20 | various colours)
  • Meeples and pawns (small / large | various colours)
  • Wooden tokens (cubes / cylinders / rockets / discs | various sizes | custom printing available)
  • Plastic tokens (small crystals / large crystals / cubes | various colours)
  • Poker chips (various colours | custom printing available)
  • Card/token stand (punchboard standee base / card standee base


  • Drawstring bag  (black / white | single or double sided custom hot stamping available)
  • Ziplock bags (small / medium / large)

This list of options will grow over time as Launch Tabletop explores new technologies, ideas, and customer requests in the tabletop gaming space. 

Customising a component

When you click on a component type, you will see the Customise screen. 

The below is the Customise screen for a tuckbox. Each Customise screen includes a visual preview of the product with a ruler for scale, and a number of different options.

A screenshot of the Customise Tuckbox page

Different component types offer different options, but generally, you'll be able to adjust some or all of the following:


If you choose, you can give this component a custom name. This is useful if you have more than one of the same kind of component in your game, and want to be able to tell them apart at a glance.


Select how many of each component you need in your game.

Size / shape

Most components offer different size options; some, like tokens and dice, are also offered in multiple different shapes. 

Texture / coating

Many components allow you to select different textures, coatings, or finishes - these typically include gloss, matte, linen, and smooth options.

1-sided / 2-sided printing

Some printed items can have custom art printed on just one side, or both. If you prefer to leave a component plain, some, like the mint tin or the drawstring bag, can be left unprinted.


Some components, like tokens, dice, and drawstring bags, are also offered in multiple different colours.

Finishing up

When you have finished customising your component, click Add Component. 

You will now be returned to the Component List for your project, and you will see the new component you've added there. 

This screen gives you a lot of valuable information, including templates for your artwork, a calculated weight and cost for each component, plus a calculated total weight and total cost for the whole project. 

From here, the next step is to add artwork to your project.

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