Launch Tabletop creates print-on-demand board games and accessories, and provides mass production services to the tabletop gaming industry.

Build your game with Launch Tabletop

Launch Tabletop provides a clear path through the complex process of creating and publishing tabletop games, making tabletop game publishing achievable for creators everywhere.

Designing and printing your mass-produced or small-batch game is easy with our Launch lab app.  Our platform incorporates bespoke design tools and templates to turn your game design into reality.


Design and manage game projects using Launch Lab’s cloud app. Choose from 50+ customisable components. Quickly manufacture games on demand for rapid prototyping or short print runs.

You can create and print your on-demand board games with as few or as many copies as you want. With Launch Tabletop, you can easily create game-playing cards, player screens, tokens, and more.


Produce the exact number of games you need, with print-on-demand runs from 1 to 1000 copies. Enjoy tailored services for mass production. Create industry defining games limited only by your imagination.

Our Stellar platform makes it simple to license your existing game art. With our print-on-demand platform, not only is printing a small batch game easy, but it is also easy to monetise any print-on-demand artwork you have, for example artwork from your game card decks or game board.


Use Stellar Prints to get more from the game art you already own. Create new revenue streams and promote your games using print-on-demand products, with no additional expenditure or effort.

Design your game

With our custom developed software, you'll become a professional game board designer, limited only by your imagination and ideas.

With our custom software, you can become a professional game board designer.

Retail quality. Print-on-demand quantity.

Print-on-demand doesn't need to mean inferior quality. Make retail-quality components for your game on demand in quantities from 1 to 1,000.

Please note: These component images are not to scale.

Create and print retail-quality board games on demand without sacrificing quality. You can order quantities from 1 to 1,000.

Monetise your existing artwork

Create print-on-demand products to appeal to a wide range of board gaming fans using our Stellar platform.

Creators can use our Stellar platform to license their artwork.
Our team has faced every challenge in game development. We founded Launch Tabletop to help you avoid these same problems.

Been there. Done that.
Doing it better.

We’ve been where you are. We’re a team of experienced industry veterans in tabletop game design, manufacturing and publishing. Between us, we’ve overcome every project pitfall imaginable. With Launch Tabletop, we’re building bridges over the rough terrain of game production, so you can skip where we once stumbled.

Control in your hands

Control in your hands

No more begging for email updates. Simply login to track your production status.

Help when you need it

Help when you need it

New to the game, or simply overwhelmed? Your personal project manager can help.

Your deadline lifeline

Your deadline lifeline

Poor communication? Needless errors? Wasted time? Not on our watch.

Successful launches

Successful launches

Sadly, ‘if you build it, they will come’ is not always true. Let us help you find your tribe.

Accurate quotes

Accurate quotes

Watch your quote change in realtime as you adjust quantities and components.

Keep it simple, sexy

Keep it simple, sexy

Juggling multiple vendors? We can take your project from concept to completion.

Our team has faced every challenge in game development. We founded Launch Tabletop to help you avoid these same problems.

Supporting the creators

With experienced game developers on hand and a range of services to guide you, Launch Tabletop is the perfect partner for creators looking to make their mark in the hobby gaming industry. See how we’ve helped other creators successfully launch their games.

Learn how we have assisted custom board game maker, Nat Delaney-John and Cam Jansson in successfully launching their games.
Nat Delaney-John and Cam Jansson

That Sound Game

Nat Delaney-John and Cam Jansson

Nat and Cam from That Sound Game utilised print-on-demand with Launch Lab to produce sample board games and enter the Rising Stars 2022 competition.

Learn how we assisted custom board game maker, Jay Bendixen to successfully launch his game, Stoked.
Jay Bendixen


Jay Bendixen

Designer Jay Bendixen leveraged print-on-demand to create his award-winning game Stoked's card game with Launch Lab.

Learn how we assisted custom board game maker, Chris Solis to successfully launch their games.
Chris Solis, Solis Design Studio

Pocket Paragons Round 2

Chris Solis, Solis Design Studio

Chris Solis uses Launch Lab for small-batch board game printing to create media kits for Pocket Paragons Round 2 in preparation for Kickstarter.

The ideal solution for custom board game makers

See how game inventor Adam Porter used Launch Tabletop to create a print-on-demand game at retail quality.  In this excerpt, Adam demonstrates how easy it is to use our print-on-demand workflow to set up game playing cards, select a non-foldable game board, and more. Watch the complete video on Adam's YouTube Channel.

Frequently asked questions

Our print-on-demand service allows game creators to quickly produce custom board games in small quantities, from 1 to under 1,000 copies. The process starts with designing and managing the game project using Launch Lab, which offers over 50 customisable components. Once the design is finalised and ordered, the game is manufactured on demand and shipped worldwide.

The time it takes to receive your custom print-on-demand board game depends on how long it takes to produce your game as well as the delivery destination. 

The number of components and their size are factors in production. For example: a game with many pieces that requires printing a large foldable game board will take longer to manufacture than a small game that contains a deck of cards, a rulebook and a box. In addition, orders for a larger quantity of copies take longer to produce.

The delivery location is also a factor that affects when your order arrives. Our custom shipping calculator can help determine the shipping time.

You can license the artwork from your custom board game created with Launch Tabletop and any other games you’ve published. Learn more about licensing your artwork using our Stellar platform.

The two most important things to consider are:

  • The size of the board you need when it's unfolded and ready for play; and
  • What size box you need to fit it into when folded to be put away.

Taking those two things into account, decide on whether you prefer a bi-fold or a quad-fold board, whether you want to print on 1-side or both sides of the board, choose a finish on the printed sides, and select from the sizes available. For more compact board games, you may prefer a bi-fold, whereas long epic adventures may require a large quad-fold board to create an immersive tabletop experience. Read more about our game board options.

When designing your custom board game, you’ll need to select cards of different sizes and shapes depending on what the card is for and how it will be used.

We offer a wide variety of playing card sizes in square or standard rectangular shapes. Whether you wish to print entire card decks for your game, or simply have a few cards act as tokens or markers, our print-on-demand service will be able to meet your needs. Visit our component library to learn more about our varying card shapes and sizes.

We are delighted to hear that you’re happy with your game. As a custom board game maker, we can mass-produce your game for you. Whether you want to show your board game to the whole world or start small by printing small batches, we are here to help. Read more about our mass production services.

The preset templates for components in print-on-demand board games are compatible with products like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, and Affinity Publisher and Designer.

We have produced many board games for creators globally. Learn more about these games by reading our creator case studies.

Have any questions that aren’t covered above? You may find the answer over in our Help Centre.

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