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Launch Lab is a streamlined online print-on-demand service for creators needing to produce retail-quality tabletop games for projects at any scale. How Launch Lab can work for you.

Different creators need different solutions.

Whether you want one game or one hundred thousand; whether you’re hands-on or in need of help; whether you’re seeking playtesters or an audience: Whatever the weather, you’re clear to launch.

Fast iteration

Get your concepts to the playtesting table fast with Launch Lab’s quick and accurate prototypes. No more guesswork; just your best work.

Simple scalability

Easily and reliably scale your project to the quantity you need. Flight Deck’s standardised file formats, clear documentation and simple controls take the devil out of the details.

Clear pricing

Watch Launch Lab update your quote in realtime as you adjust materials, components, and quantities. The only surprises here are the good kind.

Been there. Done that.
Doing it better.

We’ve been you. We’re a group of experienced game developers who have crawled back out of every project pitfall imaginable. Now we’re building bridges so you can skip where we once stumbled.

Control in your hands

No more begging for email updates. Simply login to track your production status.

Help when you need it

New to the game, or simply overwhelmed? Your personal project manager can help.

Your deadline lifeline

Poor communication? Needless errors? Wasted time? Not on our watch.

Successful launches

If you build it, they will come is sadly not always true. We can help find your tribe.

Accurate quotes

Watch your quote change in realtime as you adjust quantities and components.

Keep it simple, sexy

Juggling multiple vendors? We can take your project from concept to completion.

Supporting the Creators

Just one small step...

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