Launch Tabletop creates print-on-demand board games and accessories, and provides mass production services to the tabletop gaming industry.
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Custom board and card game manufacturing, showcasing high- quality production by a leading game manufacturer.

Board game manufacturing at the scale you need.

Choose from a huge variety of top-quality component styles, materials, and finishes, both standard and custom - if you need it, we can create it.

Ready to Scale Beyond Print-on-Demand?

For orders of 1 to 1,000 units, Launch Lab is your go-to. But when you're ready to go big, our mass manufacturing services are here to elevate your project. Offering superior quality and unmatched flexibility at scale, we provide the most cost-efficient solution for producing your game in large quantities.

Minimum order quantity displayed for custom board game production, starting from 1,000 units.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1,000 units.

Artwork file analysis process in action, ensuring optimal print  results in board game manufacturing.

Artwork Optimization: Our prepress team ensures your artwork is perfect for printing.

Variety of customisable components in different materials and  finishes, offered by a leading custom game manufacturer.

Customization at Scale: Tailor every aspect of your game components to your vision.

Dedicated project manager overseeing the production and  delivery of your custom board game.

Dedicated Support: A project manager will oversee your production and delivery for a seamless experience.

Expertise You Can Count On

At Launch Tabletop, we bring a wealth of experience from the tabletop industry to support your project. Our team, rich in diverse expertise from mass production to game development, is uniquely equipped to tackle the intricate challenges of board game creation.

Nick Chan of Ninox Games, a pillar in the industry known for complex and successful Kickstarter projects, co-founded Launch Tabletop. With a track record of hits like Wonderland’s War and Tang Garden, you can trust in our combined facility and team to bring your ambitious project to life with the same care and precision.

Launch Tabletop, experts in custom board game  manufacturing and design, co-founded by Nick Chan of Ninox Games
Ninox Games, a respected manufacturer that makes custom card and board games, known for making successful games on Kickstarter.

Why Mass Production?

While print-on-demand suits smaller projects, mass production is the gateway to maximising your game's potential. Benefit from cost efficiency, design flexibility, consistent quality, and faster market entry with our mass manufacturing solutions. Ready to bring your vision to scale? Let Launch Tabletop be your guide.

At a glance: POD versus Mass production


Mass production

Number of units

1 - 1000

Over 1000, ideal over 3000 for complex projects

Component range



Customisation options



Cost per unit



Project lead time



Custom design solutions


Yes, as required

Account manager



Your Project, Our Process

Our approach is tailored to support publishers of all sizes with the same level of dedication and precision. From concept to delivery, we offer:

  • Personalised Management: A dedicated project manager will navigate you through every stage.
  • Creative Collaboration: We find innovative solutions for production challenges.
  • Technical Excellence: Our team provides insights to enhance your product's quality.
  • Quality Assurance: From artwork analysis to production, we guarantee high-quality outputs.
  • Efficiency: Enjoy competitive production timelines and logistics support for a smooth operation.
We Value Your Vision

Your project's success is our priority. That's why we engage in thorough discussions to align with your goals, ensuring we deliver a product that exceeds your expectations, whether you're a seasoned creator or a newcomer.

From Concept to Creation

Our team is here to handle the details, allowing you to focus on the broader vision of your project. Your dedicated project manager will guide you through the decisions that bring your game to life, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience.

No-nonsense Cost Estimation

After understanding your project's scope, we provide a detailed cost estimate within 7-10 days, covering all aspects of production. We can also supply a dummy sample for quality assurance, ensuring your game meets your standards and vision.

Pre-Production and Approval

We meticulously review your artwork and produce a pre-production sample, allowing you to experience and refine your game before mass production. This step ensures that the final product is exactly as you envisioned.

Production Excellence

Our commitment to quality and efficiency shines in our production process, from environmentally responsible practices to flexible production runs. We ensure every game is produced with the highest standards, with quality checks at every stage.

Final Steps to Success

With flexible shipping options and a final review sample, we keep you in control until your games reach their destination. Our process is designed to ensure your satisfaction and the quality of your final product.

Ready to start building your next grail game? So are we.

Frequently asked questions

We are delighted to hear that you’re happy with your game. As a custom board game manufacturer and maker, we can mass-produce your game for you. Whether you want to show your board game to the whole world or start small, we are here to help.

Read more about our mass production services.

Certainly! We offer additional services upon request, including product safety testing, to ensure that your games meet legislated requirements for toys and board games in jurisdictions worldwide. This is common feature of our board game manufacturing process, where we ensure the quality and safety of your game before it is shipped to you.

As the manufacturer producing your custom board game, we know your ideas might change as the project moves ahead. Whether you can change your order after you've submitted it depends on how far along your game is in the manufacturing process. If we're still in the planning stages or haven't started making your game yet, it's often possible to make changes. But once we've started production, it might be too late to change things because of how specific the game-making process is. If you want to change something, it's best to talk to your project manager. They can give you the best advice based on where we are in the process of making your game.

Absolutely! Part of the process of working with any custom board game manufacturer is the step before production, where we make a sample of your game and send it to you.

This sample is called the "pre-production copy" or PPC for short, and it's made with the same materials and techniques we'll use in the final product. Once you receive this copy, it's important to closely inspect every part of it, looking for issues that need fixing or tweaking before giving approval to proceed to production. This way, you can be sure your game looks and feels just the way you imagined before we start the full-scale custom board game production.

The minimum order quantity, or the smallest number of games you can order from us, is 1,000 games. This is because we use mass production processes like offset printing to make your custom board games. This process works best and is the most cost-effective when we're making at least 1,000 games at a time. So, if you're planning to order from us, using mass manufacturing, you'll need to order at least 1,000 games.

However, if you’re looking to order smaller quantities, consider using Launch Lab. Launch Lab streamlines custom board game production by allowing creators to reduce production time and costs through our Print-On-Demand (POD) technology. Learn more about custom board game printing with Launch Lab.

When we make a lot of copies of your board game, you can customise a lot of parts of it to make it exactly to your liking. You can pick different materials, sizes, and finishes for your game pieces, cards, and game board. In short, you can customise everything - from the tokens you use in the game to the dice, and even the box it comes in. Our goal in manufacturing your board game is to help make your unique ideas real in every part of your game. Just remember, if you can dream it, we can help you make it! Learn more about customisation on our platform.

Our project managers are always ready to help with the manufacturing of your custom game from start to finish. They can advise on how to prepare your production files and get your artwork ready, so it looks awesome when it's printed. Whether you're making a custom board game or card game, we're here to help make your game just like you imagined it.

Once production is complete, we prepare your shipment for dispatch. While occasionally a small number of games may be air freighted or trucked to their final destination, it's almost always the case that your games will travel by sea.

You might hear terms like FOB or EXW when we talk about the logistics of sending your games where they need to go. FOB, which is short for "Free on board" or "Freight on board", means that the cost of getting your goods onto the boat is included in the quote we gave you for your project. EXW, or "Ex Works", means you handle it all, including picking the game up from the factory.

Remember, our team is here to help you pick the best shipping option for your game. Don't hesitate to ask questions! We want to make sure your game arrives safely and on time.

As a custom card game manufacturer, we accept artwork in PDF format. We recommend using software like Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher to compile your files.

For some of the more complex components like boxes, we supply layout templates in PDF, but putting the files together is the client's responsibility. We strongly recommend using an experienced graphic designer to undertake this work as the requirements for files are highly technical.

Don't forget to ask us if you have any questions about how to save your artwork or what file formats are. We're here to help make creating your game as easy as possible.

The main difference between Launch Lab's print-on-demand service and mass manufacturing is the production quantity. Print-on-demand is ideal for smaller production runs of 1 to 1,000 copies, while mass manufacturing is best for larger quantities of 1,000 copies or more. Additionally, mass manufacturing has a minimum order quantity of 1,000 units, while print-on-demand does not. It should be noted that both board and card game production costs will change accordingly depending on the number of components as well as how many are ordered. Production times will also vary due to the differences in quantity. Learn more about the difference between mass production and print-on-demand.

Have any questions that aren’t covered above? You may find the answer over in our Knowledge Base.

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