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Mass production vs print on demand

Mass production vs print on demand

While print-on-demand (POD) offers some advantages for those with small projects, board game creators who are ready to think big and manufacture at scale can reap the rewards of high speed, low cost, and top quality by opting for mass production.

So what’s the difference between POD and mass production of board games - and which is more beneficial to you?

POD vs mass-production

Quantity matters. POD is ideal for game designers who want less than 1000 copies of a game, as each copy of the game is printed individually. This means there’s no minimum order quantity, sparing you the cost of printing, shipping, and storing an unwieldy number of games.

For those who need over 1000 copies, however, mass production offers huge benefits.


Mass production works in much the same way as buying groceries in bulk: the larger the quantity you buy, the cheaper the cost is per-item. And when each individual game costs you less, you can use the money you save to sell your game at a more competitive price, or make a higher profit, or invest in higher-quality components and finishes, or start work on your next project. The choice is yours.


That’s what mass production gives you: choices. This is true when it comes to design, too. Mass production techniques allow you to make highly customised changes to standard board game components at a much lower cost. Give your game the unique design it deserves, with unusual component sizes and die-cut shapes, printing technologies like foiling, and luxe materials like wood, metal, and glass.


Mass production creates greater consistency in the visuals and quality of your board game, as all the components are produced at the same time, on the same machines. This means you can avoid potential variations in colour, texture, or shape of components that can be a factor with print-on-demand production.


Last but not least, your game will never come in last. Mass production allows for faster turnaround times: larger and more powerful machines create components in bulk, resulting in a streamlined process optimised for efficiency. This translates to quicker lead times for you, so your board game reaches market fast.

At a glance: POD versus Mass production


Mass production

Number of units

1 - 1000

Over 1000, ideal over 3000 for complex projects

Component range



Customisation options



Cost per unit



Project lead time



Custom design solutions


Yes, as required

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