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Articles about launch lab

Articles about launch lab


Implementing IOSS for VAT prepayment for orders shipped to the European Union

Effective from 10th June 2024, Launch Tabletop will be implementing IOSS to collect VAT for qualified orders shipped to the European Union.

Nick Chan, 3 Jun 2024

Our latest updates to Launch Lab will have your game ready for take off in no time!

Level up

A monthly round-up of our most recent updates to Launch Lab.

David Scott, 14 Nov 2023

Creating a game within your budget means you can afford to keep creating games

Tips & tricks

Whether you're brand new to boardgame design or a seasoned hand, you're probably searching for ways to keep costs low.

Tania Walker, 28 Aug 2023


Launch Tabletop announces the release of the beta version of Launch Lab, an on-demand production service for global tabletop game creators.

Nick Chan, 14 Sept 2022

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