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Launch Tabletop Unveils the Beta Version of Launch Lab


Launch Tabletop Unveils the Beta Version of Launch Lab

Launch Tabletop announces the release of the beta version of Launch Lab, an on-demand production service for global tabletop game creators.

By integrating a creator-centric workflow, on-demand production capabilities and digital solutions, Launch Lab helps creators to bring their big ideas to life.

Nick Chan, 14 Sept 2022

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The growing need for creators to prototype, playtest, pitch, and market their games drives the demand for small volume production runs. At the same time, consumers have ever-growing expectations of higher standards of manufacturing. In the present market, very few solutions exist that can simultaneously fulfil both of these needs - professionally manufactured games produced on-demand, conveniently and quickly.

Launch Lab solves this problem by bringing together a creator-centric workflow, a wealth of on-demand production capabilities, and innovative digital solutions that enable creators to make games faster and better, even if it is just a single copy.

Hosted within the Launch Tabletop web application, Launch Lab enables creators to build and customise their games with a range of component options broadly relevant to games of different genres. Its user interface and workflow logic were designed to allow management of multiple projects at once, so creators may work on different projects at separate pace. A number of digital innovations were integrated into Launch Lab, including an automated artwork verification system developed in-house that is tailored for game components. This verification system analyses submitted art, and provides a report to creators alerting them of issues that would yield suboptimal results.

Games produced through Launch Lab are manufactured in China using industry-scale, professional manufacturing equipment, and the resulting quality is consistent with what game connoisseurs would rate as excellent production.

“Launch Lab is not merely an alternative to existing solutions, but through it, we hope to build a platform which can enable creators in multiple ways. We have a number of exciting features planned for Launch Lab that will be useful to creators and their teams beyond manufacturing,” said Nick Chan, the Chief Executive Officer of Launch Tabletop. The beta version of Launch Lab is immediately available to the public. Users can sign up for access at to get started.


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