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Articles about prototyping

Articles about prototyping

Diatoms is a cosy tile-placement game of microscopic proportions

Made with Launch Lab

Made with Launch Lab: Diatoms

In a 15-year career as a game designer, Sabrina Culyba has worked on video games, theme park rides, VR experiences. But this is her first time designing a board game about mosaic algae patterns.

David Scott, 12 Dec 2023

Dr Tom Allen: game designer, robot expert and totally human

Made with Launch Lab

As an Australian engineer with a background in robotics, is Dr Tom Allen the perfect person to develop a game about evil robots? Probably!

David Scott, 30 Nov 2023

Fire Noodle Eating Champs arrives on Kickstarter December 1

Made with Launch Lab

Jason ToToTam discusses how he used Launch Lab to bring his fast dice game of eating spicy noodles to life.

David Scott, 22 Nov 2023

Prototype game cards

Tips & tricks

You’ve spent hundreds of hours designing your game, and it’s finally ready to present it to an audience outside of your family and close group of friends.

Allen Chang, 22 Oct 2023

Creating a game within your budget means you can afford to keep creating games

Tips & tricks

Whether you're brand new to boardgame design or a seasoned hand, you're probably searching for ways to keep costs low.

Tania Walker, 28 Aug 2023

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