Launch Tabletop creates print-on-demand board games and accessories, and provides mass production services to the tabletop gaming industry.
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Launch Tabletop nurtures the potential of the creators who work with us - and we aim to do the same for each other. Spanning Hong Kong SAR, Australia, India, and China, our team is widespread but close-knit. Between us, we bring decades of experience, knowledge, and industry connections to the table. We’re not about crunch or competition, we’re about collaboration and, most importantly, caring: about the work, about our customers, and about each other.

If you’re passionate about tabletop games, and have skills that could help us grow, please reach out.

What is working for Launch Tabletop like?

Our company is built on diversity: we are diverse people in diverse locations with wildly diverse professional skills and backgrounds. We’re less interested in degrees on paper, and more interested in your degree of industry experience: many of us come from backgrounds in tabletop game creation, and have worn many hats throughout that time.

These deep connections to tabletop gaming shine through in everything we make: we believe that the best people to build tools for creators are people who’ve walked in their shoes and experienced all the pitfalls and hurdles firsthand.

At Launch Tabletop, working from home is foundational - it allows us to find the best people for every role, all over the world. To keep our widespread team close-knit, we use collaboration tools like Slack, Figma, ClickUp and Google Docs, and we organise regular regional meet-ups to recapture the best social parts of office work - minus the commute, bad lighting, and background noise. How you choose to go about your working day is up to you. What matters is that the work is done well, with respect, collaboration, and care.

If you’re passionate about tabletop games, and have skills that could help us grow, please reach out.

Spanning Hong Kong SAR, Australia, the US, and China, our team is widespread but close-knit.

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