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How Launch Lab works

Print-on-demand (POD) game manufacturing has revolutionised the way designers and publishers get their games into the hands of players. It’s as simple as uploading your game - including box cover design, cards, rulebooks and other components - to Launch Lab, specifying how many copies you need, and placing an order. Launch Lab prints your games and ships them to your door.

With no minimum order quantity required, there’s no barrier to entry for small creators. You no longer need to print thousands of copies of a game, then find somewhere to store them all, and hope they sell. Print-on-demand production enables you to make your game available to players worldwide, as needed. No more risky investment in inventory or mass shipping costs. Take a look at how Launch Lab’s innovative process works.

Build, customise, and order your games: our simple interface puts the controls in your hands. Simply Sign in to get access to our platform.

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1. Build

1. Build

Select the right components for your game from our vast range of quality options. Specify how many of each component you need.

Then choose how you want your game packaged. With a variety of box sizes, shapes, and finishes, you can be sure your game will stand out on the shelf.

2. Customise

2. Customise

You can customise everything from components, materials and card stock: from thin glossy card to thick textured linen; from plastic to metal to wood - the only limit is your imagination.

Import artwork easily with the help of our pre-generated templates and a system capable of warning you on-the-fly of any errors in your files.

Once your artwork is uploaded, apply it to your own components to get a feel for the finished product, and even preview a variety of materials and finishes on your own game. Take the guesswork out of game creation!

3. PDF stitcher

PDF stitcher interface

3. PDF stitcher

For game creators who need a little extra help putting together a PDF that will pass our automated verification, we give you: the PDF Stitcher.

Instead of creating the PDF from scratch, all you need to do is provide the images for your components at the correct size and in the correct quantity, and we'll take care of the assembly.

4. Order

4. Order

You’re ready to roll!

Adjust your order quantity and watch your quote update in realtime.

You can even configure multiple projects in a single order to save on shipping.

5. Ship

5. Ship

We ship where others don’t. Wherever you are in the world, Launch Lab will make sure your game reaches you.

Enjoy delivery estimates you can rely on, with detailed updates sent your way through every step of the shipping process.

Now sit back, relax, and wait for your shipment to drop!

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