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Code 0005: Object uses RGB

Launch Lab

Code 0005: Object uses RGB

Understand and solve colour issues in your print file

Tania Walker, 2 Mar 2024

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Error: Object uses RGB

Your Launch Lab Preflight Report PDF has returned the following warning:

What is the problem?

Most commercial printers, including Launch Lab, print files in the CMYK colour space. Your file has either been saved in the RGB colour space, or contains objects (such as embedded images) that are RGB.

Most users can safely ignore this warning. Launch Lab's printers can convert RGB files to CMYK with good results. This warning exists for advanced users who are interested in spending time tweaking colours in their document to achieve extremely precise and accurate results.

How do I fix it?

We always recommend using Launch Lab's print templates to put together your artwork. This will ensure your artwork starts out with the best possible settings, and make the process of artwork creation simple and straightforward.

Regardless of whether you used the template, you can safely ignore the RGB warning and trust Launch Tabletop's printers to resolve the issue.

If you are an advanced user and you want precise control over your colours, we recommend seeking out a tutorial on the best way to achieve accurate colour conversion in your specific software. Depending on your software and how much control you want, the process can be extremely involved, and is beyond the scope of this article.

Further help

If you have any questions about this error code or advanced colour management, please contact for assistance.

Further reading

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