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Code 0008: Text uses rich black

Launch Lab

Code 0008: Text uses rich black

Understand and solve colour issues in your print file

Tania Walker, 12 Feb 2023

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Error: Text uses rich black

Your Launch Lab Preflight Report PDF has returned the following warning:

What is the problem?

When printing in CMYK (the colour system that mixes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks to create various other colours) , there are many ways to print the colour black. You can print it using black ink only, or you can print a ‘rich black’ that uses black ink along with other colours.

In artwork this is no problem, and can make for interesting shades of black with subtle tints, but rich black becomes a problem when used in text. Because rich black uses multiple layers of ink on top of each other, the text can become fuzzy around the edges, and hard to read.

How do I fix it?

Select all the black text in your document, and check the Color Panel. You should see the following numbers:

  • C: 0%
  • Y: 0%
  • M: 0%
  • K: 100%

If you see other numbers here, your text is rich black. Change it to the correct values above to solve the issue.

Further help

If this error code persists after you upload your modified document, please contact for assistance.


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