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Code 0010: Vector object count exceeds limit

Launch Lab

Code 0010: Vector object count exceeds limit

Understand file setup and how to avoid too much complexity in your print file

Tania Walker, 12 Feb 2023

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Error: Vector object count exceeds maximum allowable limit of 10,000

Your Launch Lab Preflight Report PDF has returned the error

What is the problem?

Vector artwork is made of lines linked together by points. Depending on how you prepared your file, your artwork may include a lot of unnecessary points. For example, creating vector artwork by using the Trace Tool can create this issue.

A file with too many points causes several problems:

  • Your file will have a larger size, making it slow to open, save, and upload.
  • Too many points make it difficult for Launch Lab's printers to process your file.

How do I fix it?

Consider converting your entire art layer into a single high-resolution raster image (ensure you keep the dieline layer separate).

Alternatively, both Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer offer inbuilt tools that can simplify your vector artwork in just a few clicks. They work by reducing the number of points while preserving the shape of the curves. Your artwork shouldn't change much, but explore the different options below to find the optimal settings for your artwork.

Adobe Illustrator

Simplify path automatically

  • Select the object or a specific path region.
  • Choose Object > Path > Simplify.

This quick solution calculates the best result for your artwork. Be sure to check the result, however - if any shapes in your artwork change too much for your liking, you may prefer to use the manual option below.

Simplify path manually, with slider

Follow the above instructions. The automatic option is selected by default, but you can take manual control by dragging the slider to the left or right.

  • Drag left to remove more points.
  • Drag right to keep more points.

These changes preview live on the artwork as you move the slider. Try to remove as many points as possible while maintaining your artwork's detail and fidelity.

Affinity Designer

  • Select your vector objects with the node tool, making sure all nodes are selected.
  • In the Action toolbar, select “Convert > Smooth” or “Convert > Smart”
  • This will convert all the selected nodes.
  • Now you can click “Action -> Smooth Curve”
  • This should smooth your lines by removing points.

Export your modified document, and re-upload it to Launch Lab.

Further help

If this error code persists after you upload your modified document, please contact for assistance.


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