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Code 0018: Artwork may not have sufficient bleed

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Code 0018: Artwork may not have sufficient bleed

Understand and solve artwork size and cropping issues in your print file

Tania Walker, 12 Feb 2023

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Error: Artwork may not have sufficient bleed

Your Launch Lab Preflight Report PDF has returned the following warning:

What is the problem?

Artwork on printed items often extends all the way to the edge of the page/card/box. Without a white/unprinted border around it, the artwork appears to ‘bleed off’ the edges of the printed item.

To create this look, the item is printed on an oversized sheet, with artwork that extends 3mm beyond the dieline / trim. This area of extra padding is the bleed, and it is designed to be cut off at the dieline, giving the remaining artwork a beautiful, border-free appearance.

Artwork that isn't created with enough bleed may print with ugly white gaps on the edges, as the artwork won't extend far enough beyond the trim to create a seamless look when cut.

How do I fix it?

If you set your artwork up using Launch Tabletop's templates, your artwork file should include a dielines layer on top of the other layers. You can use this to check that your artwork is correctly set up for print. This dielines layer includes:

  • Die lines to show you where the art will be trimmed.
  • Fold lines to show you where the print will be folded, if applicable.
  • Bleed lines to show you how far your artwork should extend beyond the crop lines.
  • Margin lines to help you keep important images and text away from the trim.

The simplest way to fix issues with bleed is to download the template provided in Launch Lab for your component, you need, and create your art using that template, checking along the way that everything lines up correctly with the dielines.

Download templates

  • Login to Launch Lab.
  • In the left menu, click My Projects.
  • Click on the name of your project to bring up the Components List.
  • Scroll to the component you need a template for.
  • In the 1. Download tab, look for the text ‘Download Template files in mode’
  • Click the mode text to select Professional or Simple from the drop-down list.
  • Click Download Template to save your templates as a ZIP file.
  • On your computer, find the downloaded ZIP file and unzip it.
  • In the unzipped templates folder, choose the template for your software.
  • We also recommend reading the Instructions PDF included in the folder.
  • Create or copy your artwork into the template as per the instructions.
  • Export your artwork to PDF, and upload it to Launch Lab.

Further help

If this error code persists after you upload your modified document, please contact for assistance.


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