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Create a Project

Launch Lab

Create a Project

Get your idea up and running in Launch Lab

Tania Walker, 23 Oct 2022

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This article will step you through the process of creating a new project in Launch Lab. Watch the short video tutorial below, or read on.

What is Launch Lab?

Launch Lab is our print-on-demand board game manufacturing service, designed to help you create top-quality games in the quantities you need: from one to a thousand copies.

The best way to discover Launch Lab's capabilities is to create a test project and experiment with the system.

Creating a new project

First, login or sign up to Launch Lab.

Once you are logged in, you will automatically see the Projects screen.

If you ever need to get to the Projects screen from elsewhere in Launch Lab, click My Projects in the left-side menu.

Projects screen

This is where you can see all the projects you have created in Launch Lab. If you're just starting out, it will be empty.

To begin a new project, click the Create Project button.

Create Project screen

This is where you set the name and preview image for your new project. Don't worry, you can change all this later.

Name your project

Type the name of your project into the Give your project a title text box. Usually, this will be the name of your game.

Choose an image

Choose a cover image to represent your project. You can upload artwork of your own, or use one of the colourful abstract placeholder images provided.

Uploading an image

To upload your own image, you can either drag-and-drop an image onto the grey box or click Browse Files and select an image stored on your computer.

For best results, we recommend using an image that is 232 x 126 pixels in size.

Next steps

Click on Add Components - and you're done! Your new project has been created. It will now be listed on your Projects screen.

Next up: the fun part! Explore how to add components to your new project.


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Create customised board game components with Launch Lab

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