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Pay for an Order

Launch Lab

Pay for an Order

Securely pay for your game to be manufactured

Tania Walker, 28 Aug 2023

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This article will step you through the process of paying for an order in Launch Lab. Watch the short video tutorial below, or read on.


This article assumes you have already gone through the order creation process and reached the Review your order page.

If not, please log in to Launch Lab at, and navigate to the Create Order link in the left-hand menu to go through the order creation process.

Paying for your order

Navigate to the Review your order page.

Review your order

When you've checked your order details and selected your shipping method, click the Complete Order button to proceed to the Stripe payment page.

Paying with Stripe

Launch Tabletop uses Stripe, a secure payment processing service. Stripe accepts most major credit cards.

Once you've checked your payment total, enter your email address, credit card information and country.

Click the Pay button to finalise your order. You will be directed to a payment confirmation screen.

Payment confirmation

Congratulations! If all went well, your order is now paid and underway.

This confirmation screen will either confirm that your payment has been processed, or alert you in the case of a payment processing error.

You will also receive an emailed confirmation with a link to your invoice receipt.

To check on the status of your order from the confirmation page, click the View Orders button.

Otherwise, you can check on your orders at any time by following the My Orders link in the left menu bar.

Orders overview

Whenever you want to check the status of your order, the Orders overview section offers you the information you need at a glance, with space for multiple simultaneous orders in different stages of production.

Keep tabs on what stage of production your order has reached in the Status column, and check the Last updated column to see when your project has progressed. The Notification column will alert you to any issues with your project that need your attention.

Congratulations on taking your game from dream to reality!


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