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Trouble logging in?


Trouble logging in?

Kate Finch, 9 Nov 2022

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Things to try

Perform a hard-refresh

We're constantly updating the site, so if your browser is using some older cached files, you may experience issues.

  • On Windows: CTRL+F5
  • On Mac: Command+Shift+R

Clear your cache, clear your cookies

If a simple hard-refresh doesn't do the trick, manually clear your cache and cookies for the site.

  • On Windows:
  • Each individual web browsing application has slightly different places to find the necessary settings, so when in doubt, ask Google.

Check for content blockers

Some web browsers, like Vivaldi, have built-in ad and track blocking that can get in the way of legitimate browsing. We've recently seen Vivaldi block LTT login and ordering for one of our users.

Other browsers may have similar behaviours, or you may have installed a browser extension that is causing issues. You'll want to look at your Privacy and Security settings to see if there is something getting in the way.

Still having issues?

As always, if you're experiencing issues, you can email us at


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