Launch Tabletop creates print-on-demand board games and accessories, and provides mass production services to the tabletop gaming industry.
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Mass production process

Your project matters to us.

That's why, when you reach out to us with an inquiry, we'll spend a lot of time talking with you about your goals. Whether you're experienced or not, whether you're starting from scratch or republishing your existing game for re-release, we'll work with you at the level of involvement you need to ensure your board game project is produced to your satisfaction. 

The first step? We match you with one of our project managers.

Project development and consultation

We're here to deal with the fine details of your project, so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Your personal project manager

Your project manager will discuss your needs and goals, and guide you through all the choices you'll make to bring your tabletop game to life. You won't be bounced from person to person, or stuck in lengthy email chains - you'll work with one dedicated project manager, whose job it is to be as passionate about your game as you are.

Your project manager will assist you with:

  • Expert advice on what works in the market
  • Pros and cons of various materials and construction techniques
  • Best practices for artwork prep
  • Fitting your vision to your budget
  • Guidance on designing components that will give you consistent print results - from debut to reprint to expansions
  • Prompt and personal answers to any other questions you may have

With a wide range of production methods, materials, custom components and packaging options, all backed by a strong engineering support team, Launch Tabletop can offer you turnkey solutions for games with complex needs.

Cost estimation

Once we work with you to develop a deep understanding of your tabletop game project, we'll calculate the production cost and issue you with a detailed estimate.

This process takes 7-10 days.

Our estimate includes:

  • Pricing terms
  • Unit costs
  • Tooling and setup charges (if required).

We can also provide a dummy (blank) sample of your game, so you can see and touch your chosen components and materials to ensure everything looks and feels perfect.

Artwork file analysis

We review all your artwork files in detail to confirm they're set up and optimised to create the most gorgeous game possible. Our eagle-eyed team checks your files match the dimensions and quantities of your chosen components. If we find anything amiss, or see ways to improve the files for a more beautiful result, we'll let you know, and help you find the best solutions.

Pre-production samples

There's nothing more exciting than opening the pre-production sample of your game.

Once your artwork is approved, we print a fully-assembled physical mockup of your tabletop game, using the materials and construction techniques we'll use in the final production. You'll receive this mockup in the mail, giving you the chance to examine the product up close, spot any issues, and make final tweaks.

Take a moment to enjoy the sight and feel of your polished, playable, retail-quality game - the way you always imagined it.


When you give us the green light to mass produce your game, we get to work printing and assembling your final order swiftly and professionally,

High standards

Devoted to positive environmental, safety, and social standards, we invest heavily in new printing technologies, offering game production techniques that scale to projects of any size without compromising on quality.

Flexible quantities

Our mass production usually requires a minimum production run of 1000 games, with runs becoming most cost-effective at 3000 units and up. There is no maximum limit. Depending on the number of different components and their complexity, the production of a 10,000-game order takes 30-45 days.

You're in control

When we've completed production, we'll put together another sample straight from the production line, and air courier it to you for review. Upon your approval, your order will be shipped.


We offer a variety of worldwide shipping options to speedily and safely get your games to you. When you begin working with us, our project managers will recommend the best shipping options for your project.

Quality control

Quality is simple: it springs from the combination of the right technology, experience, attention to detail, and care.

Our assembly facilities are second to none, our printers and project managers have decades of industry experience, and we take pride in our track record of consistently delivering high volume and high complexity projects at the highest possible quality.

Most importantly, we care about the details.


To ensure your board games are created and delivered to your exact specifications, we run quality checks at every stage of production, and provide you with samples and proofs for you to double-check.

Quality checks take place during:

  • Project planning
  • Creation of dummy proof for approval
  • Upload of artwork (automated checks)
  • Prepping provided art files for print
  • Creation of physical proof for approval
  • Mass production
  • Assembly
  • Shipping
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