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Code 0017: Incorrect page count

Launch Lab

Code 0017: Incorrect page count

Understand and solve document setup and pagination issues in your print file

Tania Walker, 12 Feb 2023

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Error: Incorrect page count

Your Launch Lab Preflight Report PDF has returned the following error:

What is the problem?

Most design files prepared for print contain multiple pages. This may seem logical when it comes to rulebooks, but it also applies to box art and certain other printed components.

For example: if your game includes 18 cards with different faces, the printer expects the artwork PDF to be set up in a single file that contains 18 pages - one page for each card front. (The card back design is submitted in a seperate document).

Another example: The artwork PDF for box art should contain two pages: the box cover, and the box base.

Error 0017 occurs when the number of pages doesn't match with the number we'd expect to see for the type of component you ordered - if, for example, you ordered 18 playing cards but sent artwork that put all the artwork onto one single page; or sent artwork with 19 pages because the card back was included in the card fronts file; or sent box art with only one page, instead of the required two pages for the lid and the base.

A mismatch in expected page numbers means the printer will not be able to print this file correctly.

How do I fix it?

The simplest way to fix this is to download the template provided in Launch Lab for the specific item you need, and build your art into that template.

Professional Templates include correct size, resolution, dielines, and number of pages, and are available in AI, IDML and PDF formats. If you're having issues with number of pages, we recommend using these rather than the Simplified Templates.

Download templates

  • Login to Launch Lab.
  • In the left menu, click My Projects.
  • Click on the name of your project to bring up the Components List.
  • Scroll to the component you need a template for.
  • In the 1. Download tab, look for the text ‘Download Template files in mode’
  • Click the mode text to select Professional from the drop-down list.
  • Click Download Template to save your templates as a ZIP file.
  • On your computer, find the downloaded ZIP file and unzip it.
  • In the unzipped templates folder, choose the template for your software.
  • We also recommend reading the Instructions PDF included in the folder.
  • Create or copy your artwork into the template as per the instructions.
  • Export your artwork to PDF, and upload it to Launch Lab.

If you used the correct template and have encountered this problem anyway, check your file against the Instructions PDF: in the top right of the PDF, it lists the expected number of pages for your file.

Further help

If this error code persists after you upload your modified document, please contact for assistance.


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