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What is Launch Lab?

Launch Lab

What is Launch Lab?

Learn about the capabilities of our print-on-demand game manufacturing platform

Tania Walker, 28 Aug 2023

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Launch Lab is our print-on-demand board game manufacturing platform, designed to help you create top-quality games for small to medium print runs - from one game to one thousand.

Key Features

Launch Lab gives you the ability to manage multiple projects at once, in various stages of completion: you might have one project nearing completion, with artwork uploaded and all components organised and locked in, while another is midway through the process, and another exists in a brainstorming phase. You don't need to work in a linear fashion, and there is no cap on how many projects you can have in development at a time.

With Launch Lab you can add a wide range of components to your game, each with customisable sizing, materials, and finishes. Launch Lab will automatically calculate your game's size, weight, and pricing for you as you add and remove components.

Launch Lab also simplifies uploading and managing your game's artwork. Detailed templates take the guesswork out of file preparation, and the system will automatically check uploaded files to ensure they're print-ready, and catch any hiccups early in the process.

When your project is ready for production, easily convert it into an order. Launch Lab can print quantities from one game to thousands, and can ship to multiple addresses around the world, making fulfilment a breeze.

My Projects

The Projects interface gives you an overview of all your current board game projects. In this section, you can make quick top-level edits to your projects, like renaming, favouriting, or deleting them. You can also enter individual projects for in-depth management of each board game's artwork and components.

When a project is ready to go, easily turn it into an order. Launch Lab will automatically calculate pricing for you in realtime based on the quantity and types of components you select for your game, and the number of games you want printed.

You can then have your games shipped anywhere in the world, direct from Launch Tabletop.

Access your projects by clicking My Projects in the left-hand menu.

Projects Interface

Launch Lab is designed to give you total control over your game design. The Projects section offers you an overview of all your current projects, allowing you to manage everything from project creation down to individual component choices, card finishes, and artwork uploads, through a simple and straightforward interface.

Your current projects are displayed in a list that offers an overview of basic information about each project. If you prefer a grid view, you can switch using the View icons on the top right-hand side of the projects list.

Create a new project by clicking Create Project, or convert one or more projects into an order with Create Order.

Manage an individual project's artwork, components and more by clicking on that project's name.

You can also favourite, duplicate, archive, or delete projects here, and associate projects with different images.


Launch Lab includes a wide variety of quality components with a range of customisation options.

Components currently available include:


  • Game box (square / rectangular | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Tuckbox (bridge / poker / tarot | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Deck box (bridge / poker / tarot | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Mint tin (no print / top print / bottom print / both)


  • Cards ( mini Euro / mini American / bridge / poker / tarot / sml square / med square / lrg square | linen / smooth)

Rulebooks and rulesheets

  • Rulebook (various sizes | square / rectangular | various page counts)
  • Rulesheet (bridge / poker / tarot)

Mats, boards, and punchboards

  • Game board (1-sided / 2-sided | square / rectangular | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Punchboard tokens (various sizes | various shapes | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)
  • Player mat (small / medium | 250gsm / 350gsm)
  • Player screen (small / large | 1-sided / 2-sided | linen / smooth | matte / gloss)


  • Dry-erase board (square / rectangular)
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Score pad (square / rectangular)
  • Game pencil

Plastic and wooden components

  • Dice (d4 / d6 / d8 / d10 / d12 / d20 | various colours)
  • Meeples and pawns (small / large | various colours)
  • Wooden tokens (cubes / cylinders / rockets / discs | various sizes | custom printing available)
  • Plastic tokens (small crystals / large crystals / cubes | various colours)
  • Poker chips (various colours | custom printing available)
  • Card/token stand (punchboard standee base / card standee base)


  • Drawstring bag (black / white | single or double sided custom hot stamping available)
  • Ziplock bags (small / medium / large)

This list of options will grow over time as Launch Tabletop explores new technologies, ideas, and customer requests in the tabletop gaming space.

If there is a particular component you would like to see added to Launch Tabletop, email us at or contact us through our web form or Discord. We welcome all suggestions!

Component List

To add, edit, and view the list of components in a project, navigate to the Projects page and click on the name of the project.

The component list displays all the components you've added to your project, along with the price and weight of each component, and the customisations and quantities you've chosen.

For components that require custom printing, this is where you can add your artwork, which we cover in detail below.

Add Component

To see the full range of components available for your project, click the Add a Component button.

Customise Component

Click on any component to view options for size, colour, finish, customisation, and quantity.

Different components offer different kinds of customisation. Depending on the type of component, you may be able to choose from multiple sizes, shapes, materials, colours, finishes, and custom printing options.


For components that require artwork - including cards, game boards and rulebooks - Launch Tabletop walks you step-by-step through preparing and uploading your art files. This system has been custom-designed specifically for quality considerations specific to tabletop games.

As soon as you select the components you want in your game, Launch Lab provides you with downloadable templates, taking the guesswork out of art and design. Creating your art using these templates ensures your files will be set up with the correct size, resolution, positioning and colour space for your chosen components.

When you upload your finished artwork into Launch Lab, it automatically checks your files, and alerts you to any potential issues.

You can rest easy knowing that even once your files go off to the printer, our experienced quality control team will have eyes on the process every step of the way, so your final printed components will look their best.

Create Project

Click Create Project on the left menu to begin a new project. You can have as many projects simultaneously under development as you like.

My Orders

This section is where you manage your orders.

Create Order

The Create Order page is where you turn your projects into reality. Creating an order takes your project from design into production.

The flexibility of Launch Lab allows you to print as many or as few copies of your game as you need - from one to one thousand. Not only does Launch Lab take care of shipping your games anywhere in the world, it enables you to select multiple addresses and have copies sent to each, ensuring distributed teams can all receive test copies, and allowing you to fulfil customer orders easily without resorting to juggling seperate shipping companies.

When ordering, you will be asked to:

  • Name your order
  • Add one or more projects to the order
  • Confirm quantity
  • Confirm price
  • Provide the address or addresses where you'd like your games shipped

Learn more about how to begin a new order.

If you'd like to dive deeper into any of these features, explore our in-depth video and text tutorials - or sign up for a free Launch Lab account and start creating!


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