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Create an Order

Launch Lab

Create an Order

Take your project from dream to reality

Tania Walker, 28 Aug 2023

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This article will step you through the process of creating an order in Launch Lab. Watch the short video tutorial below, or read on.


First, log in to Launch Lab at, and navigate to your Projects screen. To create an order, you will need to have a project complete and ready to go.

You can also click on the Unit price estimator to view the cost breakdowns for your project in US dollars.

Creating your order

In the left-hand menu, click Create Order.

Order Setup

Give your order a name. This is how it will appear in the system when you want to check on its status.

Add projects to your order by clicking the checkbox beside the name of the project you wish to add. If you wish, you can add multiple projects to a single order.

Click the Confirm quantity and price button to continue.

Confirm quantity and price

Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to set the number of copies you'd like printed, or type directly into the text field.

As you adjust quantities, the Total cost quote at the bottom of the page will update in realtime.

You'll also find a Unit price cost list here. As a general guide, printing in bulk reduces your per-unit price.

Click the Confirm shipping address button to continue.

Add shipping address

If you already have a shipping address in the system, you will be skipped straight to the Confirm address screen shown below.

Otherwise, you can add your shipping address here.

First, select the Location type - residential or business - for your chosen address.

You can have as many addresses in the system as you need: you may have work and home addresses, or want to send games to colleagues or customers. Giving each address an optional nickname may help you keep all your addresses clear at a glance.

Enter your first and last name, your country and postcode, your street address (if needed, you can add a second line to your address), city/suburb, state, and contact number.

When you've entered and checked your details, click the Add address button.

Confirm shipping address

You can confirm your shipping address here.

Click the Review your order button to continue.

Review your order

Now it's time to review the details of your order. We recommend checking everything carefully at this stage. On the review page, you can check:

  • Selected game
  • Number of copies
  • Total cost
  • Shipping address

This is also where you choose your shipping method. The options you see may vary depending on the size, weight, and quantity of your order. Each option includes a set shipping price, and an estimated shipping time.

If you have a coupon code, you can enter it here.

Review your total cost, and click the Complete Order to continue to payment.

Once you have paid, your order enters the system, and your game will begin production.


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