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Update Account Settings and Preferences


Update Account Settings and Preferences

Personalise your Launch Tabletop web app

Tania Walker, 9 Nov 2022

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This article will step you through the process of managing and updating your account settings and preferences in Launch Lab. Watch the short video tutorial below, or read on.


First, log in to Launch Lab at

When you login, you will be redirected to your Projects screen.

Updating account settings

At the top right of the Launch Lab interface, you'll find a circular user icon.

The default user icon is a grey and white image of a person. If you have previously changed your user icon, you will see your chosen picture there instead.

Click on the user icon to bring up your user menu.

User menu

Your user menu allows you to:

  • Change your name and display name
  • Add or change your user icon
  • Add, edit, and delete mailing addresses
  • Update your email address
  • Update or reset your password
  • Change the colour of the Launch Lab interface
  • Choose preferred units of length and weight

Manage Account

On the top right User menu, click Manage Account to change your name, display name, email address, user icon, and mailing addresses.

Account tab

Here, you can upload your user pic by clicking on the grey circle with the camera icon, or on Browse files. For best results, we suggest using an image 100 x 100 pixels in size.

Fill in the boxes to change your First name, Last name, Display name, and Email.

Click the Update Account button to apply changes.

Address tab

Navigate to the address tab to add, remove, or update addresses. You can also set your default address here.


On the top right User menu, click Security to change or reset your password.

Update or Reset your password by clicking on the relevant button.

Update password

To update your password, type your current password in the first box, then type your new password in the second box.

Confirm your new password in the third box, and click the Update password button to save your changes.

Reset password

If you are logged in but can't remember your current password, you won't be able to change it on the Update password screen. This is where the Reset password screen comes in handy.

Click the Reset password button to receive an email with a password reset link.


On the top right User menu, click Preferences to change the Launch Lab colour scheme, or choose different units of weight and measurement.

Apply colour scheme

Select your preferred website colour scheme by clicking on any of the circular colour buttons. All website icons and buttons will change to display your chosen colour.

Units and measurements

Use the drop-down menus to choose between millimetres and inches, and kilograms and pounds.

Click the Save preferences button to apply your changes.


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